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“Small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results”
Brian Tracy

When you are selling your most valuable asset, one of the biggest transactions you may make in your life, you really want to nail your Sales and Marketing Campaign (aka Kill it), and on top of that, you want to enjoy the experience! Why shouldn’t you? You are paying good money for this.

Once you have access to your personal Vendor Portal, you can see exactly where your campaign is at, at any time of day! You have all the necessary documents at your fingertips, and can access them from absolutely anywhere – Thailand, Bahamas (keep dreaming…), you name it!

Rockpool’s Vendor Portal, is part of a system we have created, to streamline the selling process, so you can rest easy and your agent (hopefully ‘us’ if you are reading this blog) can focus on the most important thing – producing a killer marketing campaign, getting loads of buyers through the door, and using master negotiation skills to get you a Rockstar result!



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